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STA- Law Offices Management Company Limited is a full-service law firm established in Macau SAR. Our team is constituted of the lawyers, Mr. Duarte Santos, Ms. Lei Weng U, Mr. Sérgio Ho, Mr. Jorge Ho, Ms. Fátima Lam, Ms. Lam Lai Ieng, Mr. Mak Iok Hang, Mr. Ao Ieong Cheok In, Ms. Wang Morbey Wei, Mr. João Benazra Faria, Mr. Duarte Santana Lopes, Ms. Choi Cheng Ieng, Mr. Chan Chi Fong, Mr. Tong Io Cheng, and trainee lawyers Ms. Fok Ka Man, Mr. Ao Hei Seng, Ms. Cheong I San, Mr. Andre Lam, Ms. Cheang Pui Man, Mr. Tang Ka Lon, Mr. Liu Wanyuan. Ms. Estela Lei.. They all have good command of different languages, including Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese and English. All of our members have amusing academic achievements, extensive practical experiences and are highly qualified for providing various legal services.